Icealicious Shaved Ice
Snoballs New Orleans Style
We bring the Sno to You!
(Mobile Vendor)

Flavor List

Banana (robust banana flavor)
Black cherry (fruity real black cherry flavor)
Blueberry (outstanding true to life blueberry flavor)
Blue Raspberry (like raspberry with more "razz"
Cherry (fruity full cherry taste)
Coconut (rich smooth coconut)
Blue Cotton Candy 
Daiquiri (great citrus and rum flavor. great mixer)
Dreamsicle (tastes like an orange push-up ice cream bar)
Fuzzy Navel (blend of peach,orange, vodka and other fruit flavor - not real Vodka)
Grape (true grape with a true grape tartness)
Green Apple (fresh picked flavor)
Pink Lemonade (clear-fresh squeezed)
Lemon-Lime (Refreshing combination of Lemon & Lime Very tart)
Mango (Fresh fruit mango taste)
Orange (fresh squeezed Valencia orange flavor)
Peach (flavor so true you can taste the "fuzz")
Pina Colada (Yellow Colada)
Pineapple (Like freshly sliced Pineapples)
Red Raspberry
Root Beer (Strong Homemade Root Beer taste)
Spearmint (rich smooth and cool spearmint flavor)
Strawberry (like biting into a delicious ripe strawberry)
Tiger's Blood (fresh fruit berries with a hint of coconut)
Ice Cream
Watermelon (like biting into a ripe watermelon with no seeds to fight)
Wedding Cake (Like a slice of REAL Wedding Cake)

Select Sugar Free Flavors also available.

Extras: Sour Spray (You will pucker); Sweet Cream Drizzle

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